National Fraternity Quick History: 

  • Officially the American Criminal Justice Association Lambda Alpha Epsilon
  • Established at San Jose State College, San Jose, CA
  • Six regions of Lambda Alpha Epsilon
  • First female member: Barbara Feister, Class Theta, Chapter Epsilon.

Chapter Chi Nu

This Chapter was founded on February 22, 1996. Lambda Alpha Epsilon XN is Radford University’s only national co-ed criminal justice fraternity. The focus of the fraternity is the furthering of Criminal Justice education and support through professional interaction with criminal justice agencies in our community.  The organization offers members a higher understanding of the criminal justice system, while maintaining a social environment for members to sharpen their leadership skills.  Community service, field trips, scholarships, workshops, and brotherhood are all aspects of the fraternity.

Fraternity Advisor: Dr. Tod Burke

The Three Symbols of Lambda Alpha Epsilon

  • The Scale: Justice
  • The Star: Light of Knowledge
  • Spider Web: Complexity of the Criminal Justice System

The Three Greek Letters: Lambda Alpha Epsilon

  • Lambda: Detect and Apprehend
  • Alpha: Adjudication
  • Epsilon: Rehabilitation

Responsibility Statement

The Fraternity will adhere to the policies of Radford University, the Constitution of the United States, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the City of Radford.


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  1. Jonathan williams says:

    Hello I was wondering if I could be sent some information in regards to rushing for the fall semester if it is not too late. Thank you.

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