Brother Responsibilites

Officer Responsibilities 

President: Presides over meetings, makes meetings run smoothly, enforces Robert’s Rules, carries out administrative and executive duties.

Vice President: Takes over when the President is unable to be at events.

Secretary: Takes notes at all meetings about what is said and done, keep detailed records and makes minutes available to the Chapter.

Treasurer: In charge of all Fraternity funds and balancing accounts.

Sergeant at Arms: Enforce Robert’s Rules, In charge of Bylaws, keeping order at meetings.

Public Relations: Liaison between between the Fraternity and the University, maintains a positive reputation for our Chapter.

Associate Member Educator: Educates new members about the Fraternity, represents current Associate Member class in Chapter meetings.

Associate Member Educator Assistant: Assists the Associate Member Educator, in charge of the Designated Driver list.

Committee Responsibilities

Meet with their committee’s weekly, meet with the Vice President weekly, and reports progress to the Fraternity weekly.



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