Fraternity Minutes

Date: Sunday: September 24, 2017 4:30 p.m. Bonnie room 249/250


Presiding Officer: Patrice Malone


Call to Order: Khalia Bowden, 4:30 p.m. (executive meeting); 5:01 (chapter meeting)


Roll Call: Khalia Bowden


Present: (32)

  1. Antelo, Josh
  2. Ball, Maggie
  3. Bowden, Khalia
  4. Bryant, Christian
  5. Buzzard, Logan
  6. Cogbill, Adam
  7. Davis, Chynna
  8. Edelen, Janel
  9. Fernandez, Samantha
  10. Fuedenburg, Emily
  11. Good, Lyndsey
  12. Hilburger, Caroline
  13. Haynie, Chris
  14. Holloman, Kelly
  15. Jones, Hillary
  16. Kraiman, Catherine
  17. Maldonado, Mileydis
  18. Malone, Patrice
  19. McCoy, Macey
  20. Mills, Amanda
  21. Phillips, Jhiwerien
  22. Robinson, Lauren
  23. Sanchez, Laura
  24. Sexton, Chloe
  25. Shrader, Kayla
  26. Thompson, Jill
  27. Tobin, Benjamin
  28. Waller, Mon’Taja
  29. Williams, Jonathan
  30. Williams, Lakisha
  31. Winklepleck, Kyle


Absent: (12)

  1. Calesaric, Katie (unexcused)
  2. Caplinger, Elle (excused)
  3. Greene, Jordann (unexcused)
  4. Linkous, CJ (excused)
  5. Lucas, Gabriela (excused)
  6. Oliver, Shelby (unexcused)
  7. Reeves, Kaitlynn (excused)
  8. Signal, Shacara (excused)
  9. Swetz, Carly (excused)
  10. Todd, Tiffany (excused)
  11. Wilson, Makayla (excused)
  12. Woodly, Telvis (excused)


Inactive: (6)


  1. Braesicke, David
  2. Capps, Sean
  3. Jones, Nico
  4. Lorenzo, Victor
  5. Keevey, Carrie
  6. Thomas, Crystal
  7. Chase Khuen





Minutes: Approved


Correspondence: None

Officer’s Reports:

President’s Report (Patrice Malone):

  • Met with Dr. Burke
  • Setting up a date for JD Miller (Radford City K-9 Unit) to come to chapter for a presentation
  • Working with two other organizations one on campus and another off campus in regard to given back to the community.
  • Emailing Professional Contacts
  • Radford City Police Departments are looking for LAE members to come and do Ride A-longs.
    • Setting up externship with RCPD, a pole will be sent around for people to sign up and work in different departments
      • Waiting on chief approval


Vice President’s Report:

  • Met with committees
  • Working on organizing binders for current/future chairs

Sgt. at Arms’ Report (Khalia Bowden):

  • Business casual on Wednesdays
    • Dress code will be sent out again.
  • Wear letters on Fridays

Treasurer’s Report (Jill Thompson):

  • Payment Plans are due November 5th, 2017
  • Checking: $7,860.42
  • Savings: $3,052.09


Secretary’s Report (Laura Sanchez):

  • Mail
  • Revisions to the minutes
  • Sent out updated contact list


PR’s Report (Lyndsey Good):

  • Social Media (Instagram page: @radfordlae Twitter page: @RadfordLAE)
  • Updating our followers on upcoming events via social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)

Associate Member Educator’s Report (Maggie Ball):

  • Closed recruitment debrief
  • Round Robin debrief
    • Emergency Round Robin – 6:30pm
      • Location: CHBS, room number TBA
        • Classroom is TBA, will be posted on the Facebook page.
      • Induction – September 28th, 2017 5:30pm – 7:30pm
        • Location: TBA
      • Mentors
        • AMs will meet Sunday October 1st, 2017
          • Time and location is TBA
        • Initiation
          • There is a location change, looking at new venues on Tuesday.

Assistant Associate Member Educator’s Report (Macey McCoy):

  • Working diligently with Maggie and the new member process.





Committee Reports


  • Emailing Dr. Burke and Dr. Owen next week about certifications
  • Career fair will be Wednesday October 11th, 2017 10:00 am – 3:00pm
    • Location: Mac Court

Social (Adam Cogbill):

  • Communicating with Social Chair of Phi Sigma Pi
    • More information to come.
  • Working on a date for the cookout, possibly mid-October.
  • A possible Haunted House tour or pumpkin patch visit

Community Service (Tiffany Todd):

  • Passing around a sign-up sheet for Women’s Resource Center Table
    • September 25th, 2017 – September 29th, 2017
    • If you donate items you will receive hours

Fundraising (Hillary Jones):

  • Corn hole tournament on September 29th, 2017
    • Passing around sign-up sheet for Corn hole If you want to sign up let me know
    • If you sign up before the 29th the cost is $5 ($2.50 per person) or $6 the day of the event.
  • RMC Event October 14th JMU Football Game (10 people)
    • There will also be another RMC event in November that will require 10 people as well.


Alumni (Makayla Wilson):

  • Updating Alumni Contacts if you have any please send them to me
  • If you need any connections please get in touch with me

Conference (Mileydis Maldonado):

  • Planning conferences Itinerary
  • Sending in registration forms and money this week

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • Nominations for Professionalism Chair:
    • Duties and Qualifications:
      • In charge of keeping a recorded of the study hours.
      • To ensure the fraternity is encouraged to hold at least one banquet and or a large mandatory event per semester.
    • Nominations:
      • Elle Caplinger
      • Emily Freudenberg
      • Kaitlynn Reeves
      • Mon’Taja Waller
        • Speeches and voting will be next week.
      • Associate member voting


  • New River Valley Regional Jail tour – poll posting will be on the Facebook page to determine a date

Brother of the Week: Chloe Sexton and Jill Thompson

Motion to Adjourn: Laura Sanchez by Ben Tobin

Adjournment: 5:53pm

Next Meeting: Sunday, October 1st, 2017 in the Bonnie 249-250 at 5:00pm


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