Fraternity Minutes

Date: Sunday, February 1, 2015, 5:00 p.m. – 5:22 p.m. Heth Room 043


Presiding Officer: Hannah Heishman


Call to Order: Hannah, 4:30 p.m. (executive meeting) 5:00 (chapter meeting)


Roll Call: David VomLehn


Present: (44)



Blankenship, Amanda;

Bostic, Hayleigh;

Bowden, Khalia;

Brown, Nick;

Brown, Tina;

Burch, Hayden;

Bussert, Brett;

Carter, Ben;

Christian, Heather;

Cooper, Brianna;

Cottone, Jerome;

Deering, Gabriela;

Eames, Sarina;

Fairbrother, Stephen;

Fake, Daniel;


Fernandez, Kyle;

Fields, Brian;

Funk, Cassidy;

Good, Lyndsey;

Heishman, Hannah;

Hendricks, Taylor;

Hill, Casey;

Kim, Noella;

Kronzer, Caroline;

Malone, Patrice;

Marquis, Lauren;

Martin, Sean;

Massa, Olie;

Morse, Kaitlyn;

Nasatka, Jessica;


Price, Alex;

Rogers, Sammy;

Smith, Katelyn;

Stinnett, Parker;

Szejner, Meghan;

Thompson, Asia;

Thompson, Kim;

Toland, Rebecca;

Totten, Emily;

Turner, Codey;

VomLehn, David;

Walker, Myles;

White, Emily;

Woods, Jennifer;



Absent: (12)


Duran-Mateo, Kayger (inactive); Fitzgerald, TJ (inactive); Freeman, Timeka (unexcused); Gaylor, Grayson (unexcused); Halliwell, Brittanye (excused); Harris, Ariana (excused); Jordan, Michelle (excused); McClintock, Jenna (excused); O’Rourke, Paula (excused); Pope, Saige (unexcused); Porter, Maggie (excused); Webster, Ben (inactive)



  • Last week’s minutes were approved.



  • None







Officer’s Reports:


President’s Report (Hannah Heishman):

  • Met with Dr. Burke this week.
  • Need committee reports by next chapter.
    • Send me your ideas for this semester and approx. how much money you think you’ll need.
  • Received an email from Shelley Wagers about having a sexual assault speaker come to campus. We will be working with other organizations on campus and between the five of us, we will have to raise $4,000. This will count as a professionalism event.
  • No cell phones during chapter.

Vice President’s Report (Gabriela Deering):

  • If you are at any of the events (community service, fundraising, professionalism) you can’t be on your phone, computer, doing homework, etc. If you are found doing this then your hours will not count.

Sgt. At Arms’ Report (David VomLehn):

  • Wear business casual on Wednesdays and letters on Friday.
  • GPAs need to be in by February 15th


Secretary’s Report (Lauren Marquis):

  • Sending out a finalized roster.

PR’s Report (Emily White):

  • Nothing to report at this time.

Treasurer’s Report (Heather Christian):

  • Dues are due by February 15th
    • If you don’t make previous arrangements, you will be fined $5 every week that you are late.
  • Current Balance:
    • Checking: $5,194.48
    • Savings: $2,338.02
    • Total: $7,532.50


Associate Member Educator’s Report (Jessica Nasatka):

  • Open rush is this week in the Bonnie game room:
    • Tuesday 6pm-9pm
    • Wednesday 3pm-6pm
    • Thursday either 2pm-5pm or 4pm-7pm. I will let you know.
  • Keep in mind that you must attend one of these to be able to vote them back to closed rush. Please wear letters.
  • Closed rush will be the following week:
    • Two days of speed dating: Tuesday and Wednesday 3pm-6pm
    • One day of “round robin” on Thursday. More info to come on the time.
      • Remember that we need 2/3rds of brothers there and if you want to be able to vote for them for the actual process then you must be attend one speed dating day and the round robin day.

Assistant Associate Member Educator’s Report (Stephen Fairbrother):

  • When it’s time to vote, remember to vote on their requirements/credentials not personality.




























Committee Reports


Fundraising (Kaitlyn Morse):

  • Crumb & Get It fundraiser at the end of this month.
    • Need to advertise and we will get 10% of profits.
  • Bake sale to come this month as well.

Community Service (Katelyn Smith):

  • Please sign up for the Feeding America Southwest Virginia. Hours are 9am-1pm.
    • March 7th & 14th (Spring break)
    • April 11th, 18th, 25th
    • If you would like to go during the week, get in contact with me.
  • If you are interested in helping Brian’s sister, Sarah, out for her counseling practice you will need to fill out a one page form. Contact me if interested.
  • Polar Plunge is February 28th at Bisset Park.
  • Women’s Resource Center needs help with decorating/painting two new rooms. I will get more information on this.

Professionalism (Casey Hill):

  • Thanks to all that went to the career fair.
  • Thinking of doing a presentation on interviewing for police jobs (etiquette, how to dress etc.). Still working on it but will have more information soon.


Social (Olie Massa):

  • Contracts and money for Banquet are due February 22nd.
  • Will have a better idea on other activities for this semester next chapter.

Alumni (Kimberly Thompson):

  • Met with Emily this week.

Conference (Sammy Rogers):

  • Went to the DPA meeting. We will start working on the shooting range next year.
  • Need members to join DPA. We meet Wednesdays at 7pm.

Old Business:

  • The following motion was voted on and a majority voted to donate $200.00 each semester:


    • Motion: I would like to make a motion that we, as an organization, donate to philanthropy. We can donate either $200.00 every semester or 10% of what money we bring in from fundraising and dues every semester to an organization of our choice.
    • Made by: Hannah Heishman
    • Rationale: I believe it is a good idea that we have philanthropy because the fundraising that we bring in and the dues we pay are for our use only. I believe it will give us something to stand for and another thing we are able to tell potential members. Since we are a criminal justice fraternity I have looked up some law enforcement charities that include the Wounded Warriors Project, National Law Enforcement Officers, C.O.P.S: Concerns of Police Survivors, and Officer Down Memorial.
  • We will vote on which organization to donate to (for this semester) next chapter.

New Business:

  • None


Brother of the Week:

  • Stephen Fairbrother


  • None


Good of the Order: 5:22 by JJ, seconded by Olie


Motion to Adjourn: 5:22


Adjournment: 5:22


Next Meeting: February 8th in Heth 043 at 5 p.m.

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