Fraternity Minutes

Date: Sunday: November 5th, 2017 4:30 p.m. Bonnie room 249/250

Presiding Officer: Patrice Malone

Call to Order: Patrice Malone, 4:30 p.m. (executive meeting); 5:00 (chapter meeting)

Roll Call: Patrice Malone

Present: (35)
1. Antelo, Josh
2. Ball, Maggie
3. Bryant, Christian
4. Caplinger, Elle
5. Cogbill, Adam
6. Davis, Chynna
7. Edelen, Janel
8. Fernandez, Samantha
9. Freudenberg, Emily
10. Good, Lyndsey
11. Haynie, Chris
12. Hilburger, Caroline
13. Holloman, Kelly
14. Kraiman, Catherine
15. Linkous, CJ
16. Lucas, Gabriella
17. Maldonado, Mileydis
18. Malone, Patrice
19. McCoy, Macey
20. Mills, Amanda
21. Oliver, Shelby
22. Phillips, Jhiwerien
23. Reeves, Kaitlynn
24. Robinson, Lauren
25. Sanchez, Laura
26. Sexton, Chloe
27. Signal, Shacara
28. Shrader, Kayla
29. Stinney, Mon’Taja
30. Thompson, Jill
31. Tobin, Benjamin
32. Williams, Jonathan
33. Williams, Lakisha
34. Wilson, Makayla
35. Winklepleck, Kyle

Absent: (6)
1. Bowden, Khalia (excused)
2. Buzzard, Logan (excused)
3. Calesaric, Katie (excused)
4. Swetz, Carly (excused)
5. Todd, Tiffany (unexcused)
6. Woody, Telvis (excused)

Inactive: (7)
1. Braesicke, David
2. Capps, Sean
3. Greene, Jordann
4. Jones, Nico
5. Lorenzo, Victor
6. Keevey, Carrie
7. Thomas, Crystal

Minutes: Approved

Correspondence:   None

Officer’s Reports:
President’s Report (Patrice Malone):
· I met with Dr. Burke
· Finalizing the Flyer for the spring Career Fair
o March 21st, 2017 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
o Setting up a list of contacts for career fair
· K-9 Unit November 12th, 2017
o 5:00 During chapter – BE ON TIME
· Roanoke City Police Department
o Obstacle Course: December 2nd, 2017 (is a tentative date)
o If you would like to sign-up, please see me after chapter
o If you have applied to RCPD you can conduct your interview at the time of the obstacle course
· Creating a marketing plan/calendar to meet with the owner of BT’S
Vice President’s Report (Amanda Mills):
· Met with committees
· Went to AM chapter meeting
· Committee chair’s term plans are due before December 1st, 2017 – committees make sure you share ideas with the chairs of events you would like to see next semester.
Sgt. at Arms’ Report (Khalia Bowden):
·  Business casual on Wednesdays
· Wear letters on Fridays
o Please be aware of the update business casual dress guidelines
Treasurer’s Report (Jill Thompson):
· Payment Plans are due Today!!
· Checking: $8, 284.00
· Savings: $3,052.17
Secretary’s Report (Laura Sanchez):

· Checked mail
· Revisions to the minutes o Please email me corrections:
PR’s Report (Lyndsey Good): · Social Media (Instagram page: @radfordlae Twitter page: @RadfordLAE)
· Updating our followers on upcoming events via social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
· If you want anything posted on our pages, feel free to shoot me a text with what you want me to post.
Associate Member Educator’s Report (Maggie Ball):
· AM meeting debrief
· Information in regards to NesselRod
Assistant Associate Member Educator’s Report (Macey McCoy):
· Working diligently with Maggie and the new member process
· Working on a binder for the next Assistant Associate Member Educator

Committee Reports
Professionalism (Kaitlynn Reeves):
· Reminder CPR is Monday November 6, 2017
· Time and Location: Peters Hall 040 at 4pm
Social (Adam Cogbill):
· Thanksgiving lunch the week before break
o Date and time TBA
Community Service (Tiffany Todd):
· Nothing to report
Fundraising (Emily Freudenberg):
· RMC Event JMU November 11, 2017
o We currently have 17 people going. Mr. Peter would like more.
o Sign-up if you would like to attend
o Meeting place Christiansburg at 9:30am the parking lot behind Arby’s
o Sending the dress code out this week
· Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant Fundraiser
o Requested for Wednesday November 15, 2017 5:00pm to 10:00pm
o Present ticket to the server or mention our name when paying
· BT’s Fundraiser
o November 16, 2017 5:00-9:00pm
o 1 hour for food purchase, 30 minutes per friend brought (nonmember of LAE)
o Picture of receipt for each will need to be sent via Facebook Messenger
· Deal or no Deal November 13-17th 11am to 3pm
o Win cool prizes
o Thanksgiving themed
Alumni (Makayla Wilson):
· Updating Alumni Contacts.  If you have any, please send them to me
· If you need any connections, please get in touch with me

Conference (Mileydis Maldonado):
· Nothing to report
Old Business: None
New Business:
· Nominations for Community Service Chair:
o Duties and responsibilities:
§ To ensure each brother has enough events to complete the 8-hour requirement per semester. The chair is to submit a term plan to the President of ideas for the upcoming semester.
1. Logan Buzzard
2. Mon’Taja Stinney
· Nominations for Public Relations:
o Duties and responsibilities:
§ Liaison between the fraternity and the university and the RU community
§ Post minutes on LAE webpage
§ Maintains all correspondence relating to LAE.
1. Elle Caplinger
· Nominations for four Judicial Board Members:
o Duties and responsibilities:
§ Judicial Board Member(s) (J-Board) must have a minimum 2.7 overall cumulative GPA or higher
§ If a Brother registers for a Community Service, Fundraising, or Professional event(s), and fails to attend, they may face disciplinary action, unless the brother finds a replacement.
§ Failure to attend mandatory events will have you brought up to Judicial Board.
§ If any dues are not paid and Fraternity Hours and Requirements are not fulfilled by time of graduation, graduating seniors will not receive cords.
§ Brothers are not permitted to consume and or purchases alcohol while wearing the letters of Lambda Alpha Epsilon or at an LAE hosted event. If a brother violates this offence more than once he/she will appear before the Judicial Board immediately to discuss removal from
the Fraternity. There are no exceptions to this.  Failure to follow this rule will have you brought up to Judicial Board.
§ All first time offenses will be addressed by the president. If the issues continue after being addressed by the president, the brother will be referred to the Judicial Board.
1. Ben Tobin
2. Jonathan Williams
3. Kyle Winklepleck
4. Jhiwrien Phillips
5. Telvis Woody
6. Samantha Fernandez
7. Adam Cogbill
8. Elle Caplinger
· Nominations for Sergeant at Arms:
o Duties and responsibilities:
§ Enforces Roberts Rules
§ Oversees the Bylaws
§ Oversees the Judicial Board
§ Helps maintain order during events and chapter meetings
1. Ben Tobin
2. Khalia Bowden
· Nominations for Associate Member Educator
o Duties and responsibilities:
§ Educates the associate members about Lambda Alpha Epsilon
§ Provides leadership opportunities for the AM’s
§ Represents the AM’s in chapter meetings
§ A minimum 3.0 overall cumulative GPA or a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major; however, a student must have at least a minimum overall cumulative GPA of a 2.5 for the major GPA law to apply.
§ Full time student at RU
§ A member for the XN Chapter
§ Pres., VP, and AME must be active for at least 1 semester
§ Assistant AME must be from most recent pledge class
1. Macey McCoy
Brother of the Week: Amanda Mills
Motion to Adjourn: Shacara Signal 5:43pm seconded by Lyndsey Good
Adjournment: 5:27 pm
Next Meeting:  Sunday, November 12th, 2017 in the Bonnie 249-250 at 5:00pm





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