Fraternity Minutes

Date: Sunday: September 2015, 2015, 5:00 p.m. –5:34. Bonnie 249

Presiding Officer: Sammy Rogers

Call to Order: Brian, 4:30 p.m. (executive meeting) 5:00 (chapter meeting)

Roll Call: Brian Fields

Present: (43)

Blankenship, Amanda;
Bostic, Hayleigh;
Bowden, Khalia;
Bowers, Cole;
Braesicke, David;
Brown, Nick;
Brown, Tina;
Burch, Hayden;
Carter, Ben;
Cooper, Brianna;
Eames, Sarina;
Fairbrother, Stephen;
Fake, Daniel;
Fernandez, Kyle;
Fields, Brian;
Freeman, Timeka
Funk, Cassidy;
Good, Lyndsey;
Green, Aleyah;
Halliwell, Brittanye;
Harkleroad, Megan;
Harris, Arianna
Hendrix, Taylor;
Jordan, Michelle;
Kronzer, Caroline;
Lucas, Gabriela;
Maldonado, Mileydis;
Malone, Patrice;
Martin, Sean;
McClintock, Jenna;
Morris, Erin;
Pope, Saige;
Price, Alex;
Rogers, Sammy;
Salzano, Monica;
Stinnett, Parker;
Summerhill, Sebastian;
Thompson, Asia;
VomLehn, David;
Walker, Myles
White, Emily;
Williams, LaPrecious;
Woods, Jennifer

Absent: (4)
Levi, Hannah (excused), Padgett, Chelsea (excused) ; Morse, Kaitlyn (excused); Nasatka, Jessica (unexcused)

Inactive: (1)
Bussert, Brett;

• The minutes were approved.

• Checked previous minutes from last semester

Officer’s Reports:

President’s Report (Sammy Rogers):
• Updated the RUInvolved page
• Sent out Term Plan as well as Budget
• Everything with the IRS has been dealt with. We have our exempt status back.

Vice President’s Report (Kaitlyn Morse):
• Met with committees
• Working very closely with career services to get more contacts for the career fair in October.

Sgt. At Arms’ Report (Brian Fields):
• Wednesday THIS WEEK ONLY letters (resume business casual 9/16)
• Fridays wear letters
• GPA’s due Oct. 4

Treasurer’s Report (Alex Price):
• Checking: $6,712.26
• Saving: $3,100.37
• Total: $9,912.63
• Fines are due this week. Otherwise they will be carried into next semester.
o Dues due Oct. 4
o Fines due Sep. 20th

Secretary’s Report (Jenna McClintock):
• Checked mail

PR’s Report (Emily White):
• Nothing to report at this time.

Associate Member Educator’s Report (Hayleigh Bostic):
• Go over interest meeting dates
• Schedule going to classes to promote LAE

Assistant Associate Member Educator’s Report (Cole Bowers):
• Tests that are given to Associate Members are being revised

Committee Reports

Fundraising (Michelle Jordan):
• RMC event this Saturday Sept. 12th—- only 6 slots available (JMU Football games)
o Leaving at 9 to ??
• Interest in a Yankee candle fundraiser
• Interest in doing St. Albans and Fear the Gallows

Professionalism (Patrice Malone):
• Working on Career fair
• Looking into a possible Quantico trip or the shooting range
• Go over how study hours will work
• Where the check in book is, how often it will be checked
• Career Prep Sept. 12th
o If you want to go you must register

Social (Stephen Fairbrother):
• Discuss Plans for Welcome back Social
o At Kyles
Community Service (Brianna Cooper):
• Feeding America on the 19th

Alumni (Jessica Nasatka):
• Working on family trees

Conference (Nick Brown):
• Interest in attending regionals in November (Nov 5-7)
• Currently working on hotel rates

Old Business:
• none
New Business:
• J-board nominations
o Kyle Fernandez
o David Vom Lehm
o Sebastian Summerhill
o Aleyah Green
o Jenn Woods
o Taylor Hendricks
o Mondica Salzano
o Gaby Lucas
• Committees

Brothers of the Week:
• Sammy Rodgers, Kaitlyn Morse and Patrice Malone

• Possibility of getting background-checking license for everyone. If interested let Sammy know.
• We have professors willing to help LAE (Eric Snow and Benjamin Wright) in any way possible. Would you all be interested in having them come discuss how they can help us?

Good of the Order: 5:34 by Nick, seconded by Cole

Motion to Adjourn: 5:34

Adjournment: 5:34

Next Meeting: Sunday, September 13, 2015 in the Bonnie 249

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