Fraternity Minutes

Date: Sunday: April 24, 2016, 5:00 p.m. – 8:23 p.m. Reed 201


Presiding Officer: Luis Labrada


Call to Order: Hayleigh Bostic, 4:30 p.m. (executive meeting); 5:00 (chapter meeting)


Roll Call: Hayleigh Bostic


Present: (63)

  1. Alger, Kyle;
  2. Alexander, Mary;
  3. Arriola, Gabriel;
  4. Ball, Maggie
  5. Bostic, Hayleigh;
  6. Bowden, Khalia;
  7. Bowers, Cole;
  8. Braesicke, David;
  9. Brown, Morgan
  10. Brown, Nick;
  11. Brown, Tina;
  12. Calerisic, Katie
  13. Capps, Sean
  14. Carter, Ben
  15. Cocke, Rhiannon
  16. Contreras, Alan;
  17. Cooper, Brianna;
  18. Fake, Daniel;
  19. Fairbrother, Stephen;
  20. Good, Lyndsey
  21. Green, Aleyah;
  22. Greene, Jordann;
  23. Hall, Brittany;
  24. Harkleroad, Megan
  25. Harris, Arianna
  26. Haynie, Chris;
  27. Jones, Hillary;
  28. Jones, Nico;
  29. Jordan, Michelle;
  30. Kronzer, Caroline;
  31. Kwake, AK;
  32. Labrada, Luis;
  33. Levi, Hannah;
  34. Linkous, CJ
  35. Lorenzo, Victor;
  36. Lucas, Gabriela
  37. Maldonado, Mileydis;
  38. Malone, Patrice;
  39. McClintock, Jenna;
  40. Miller, Skyler;
  41. Morris, Erin;
  42. Morse, Kaitlyn;
  43. Nasatka, Jessica;
  44. O’Brien, Julianne;
  45. Oliver, Shelby
  46. Pope, Saige
  47. Price, Alex;
  48. Reeves, Kaitlynn;
  49. Rice, Kaitlyn;
  50. Rogers, Sammy;
  51. Salzano, Monica;
  52. Sanchez, Laura;
  53. Sexton, Chloe;
  54. Signal, Shacara;
  55. Snider, Brandon
  56. Stinnett, Parker;
  57. Summerhill, Sebastian;
  58. Thompson, Asia;
  59. Thompson, Jill;
  60. VomLehn, David;
  61. Walker, Myles;
  62. Wilson, Makayla
  63. Woods, Jennifer;


Absent: (10)


  1. Caplinger, Elle (excused);
  2. Howe, Colleen (excused);
  3. Stewart, Hannah (excused);
  4. Fernandez, Kyle (excused);
  5. Fusco, Essence (unexcused)
  6. Gerardi, Olivia(unexcused)
  7. Martin, Sean (unexcused)
  8. Murray, Bridget (unexcused);
  9. Hale, Lauren (unexcused);
  10. Todd, Tiffany (unexcused);



Inactive: (6)


  1. Athey, Tyler;
  2. Burch, Hayden;
  3. Glover, Noah;
  4. Padgett, Chelsea;
  5. Williams, LaPrecious;
  6. Landon Armentrout




  • Lyndsey Good is excused for chapter last Sunday, April 17, 2016
  • Fines are due to Alex this Sunday




  • Lyndsey Good should be marked as excused for the chapter she missed on April 17th, 2016
  • Fines were due to Alex Price on Sunday

Officer’s Reports:


President’s Report (Luis Labrada):

  • Goals
    • No Phones during chapter (Silent/Vibrate) (If you are found on your phone, you will be asked to leave chapter)
    • Should only be on your phone to be taking notes
      • Just in case there are any mistakes in the minutes or something is missed.
        • Brothers should be hold us accountable
      • More involvement and collaboration between the fraternity, campus, and the community
      • Work more with CJ Club, APS, Safe
    • Contacted Sally Cox about location for our meetings for the next year.
    • Spoke with Alex about the audit. Looked over our money to see how much we have, how much we’ve spent, and to see if we have outstanding checks that haven’t been cash or passed through.
    • Fines and certain fines will not be used as fundraising but will be used to help certain events (ex. Hazing prevention events, philanthropies, and tables)
    • Discussed term plan with VP and Treasurer
    • RU Involved updated (Updated Roster, New Exec and Committee Chairs)
    • Contacted John Leonard for reserving a table for the Fall 2016 Club Fair.
    • Need to keep records of everything we do to be able to send out in our newsletter and nationals.
    • IRS- Information needs updating and Alex and I will be taking care of that ASAP.
    • Updated Bylaws were sent and must be updated regularly
    • Discussed Banquet for Next Spring.
    • Discussed CJ Banquet
      • New CHBS building possible location
    • Went to Wells Fargo to be added to the LAE account



Vice President’s Report (Patrice Malone):

  • Met with committees
    • Term plan for the committees with be attached to term plan
  • Reviewed term plan for Fall 2016


Sgt. At Arms’ Report (Kyle Fernandez):

  • Wednesday do not have to dress business causal
  • Friday letters


Treasurer’s Report (Alex Price):

  • Checking: $ 5,346.12
    • Credit
      • $ 20.00 (ACJA Pins)
      • $ 500.00 (k9 Unit)
      • $ 77.92 (New River Engraving)


  • Debit: 366.60 (Go-fund-me)
  • Savings: $ 5,050.39
    • Total: $ 10,396.51


  • Seniors fines last day due at final chapter
  • Fines due today
  • Pick up SML shirt if you have not received it


Secretary’s Report (Hayleigh Bostic):

  • Checked mail
    • Received 2 envelopes from Wells Fargo containing bank statements
    • Received an envelope from the Wounded Warriors Project


Associate Member Educator’s Report (Jennifer Woods):

  • Sinkland chose as location for Fall 2016
  • Ideas for Associate Member process


Assistant Associate Member Educator’s Report (Kaitlynn Reeves):

  • Nothing to report


PR’s Report (Cole Bowers):

  • Working on website, twitter page, and LAE Alumni Page
  • Subscribing to the website




Committee Reports


Fundraising (Brittany Hall):

  • Car Wash today
    • Raised $ 70


Professionalism (Kaitlyn Morse):

  • Thursday last day for hours
  • Started working on Career Fair
  • Have event every month for events


Social (Kyle Alger):

  • Integrate a BBQ mixer with other student organizations on campus

Community Service (Tina Brown):

  • Met with Patrice
  • Meet with Tina about ideas for next semester


Alumni (Laura Sanchez):

  • Organizing family trees
  • Planning event with Kyle for Alumni


Conference (Mileydis Maldonado):

  • Conference in Connecticut next year
  • Sign-up interest sheet next semester


Old Business:

  • Pass-downs
    • Brandon Snider
    • Jenna McClintock
    • Stephen Fairbrother
    • Brianna Cooper
    • Ben Carter
    • Caroline Kronzer
    • Michelle Jordan
    • Saige Pope
    • Sammy Rogers
    • David VomLehn
    • Jessica Nasatka

New Business

  • Senior slideshow


Brother of the Week:

  • Graduating Seniors


  • None


Good of the Order: 8:23 pm


Motion to Adjourn: Myles Walker seconded by Parker Stinnett


Adjournment: 8:23 pm


Next Meeting: Sunday, September 3rd, 2016 in TBA


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