Fraternity Minutes


Date: Sunday: December 4th, 2016, 4:30 p.m. Bonnie 249/250


Presiding Officer: Luis Labrada


Call to Order: Kyle Fernandez, 4:30 p.m. (executive meeting); 5:02 (chapter meeting)


Roll Call: Kyle Fernandez


Present: (44)

  1. Alger, Kyle
  2. Ball, Maggie
  3. Bostic, Hayleigh
  4. Bowden, Khalia
  5. Braesicke, David
  6. Brown, Morgan
  7. Brown, Tina
  8. Calerisic, Katie
  9. Caplinger, Elle
  10. Cogbill, Adam
  11. Edelen, Janel
  12. Fernandez, Kyle
  13. Freeman, Timeka
  14. Good, Lyndsey
  15. Haynie, Chris
  16. Hillburger, Caroline
  17. Howe, Colleen
  18. Jones, Hillary
  19. Jones, Nico
  20. Keevey, Carrie
  21. Kraiman, Catherine
  22. Kuehn, Chase
  23. Kwakye, A.K.
  24. Labrada, Luis
  25. Levi, Hannah
  26. Linkous, CJ
  27. Lucas, Gaby
  28. Maldonado, Mileydis
  29. Malone, Patrice
  30. Morris, Erin
  31. Price, Alex
  32. Reeves, Kaitlynn
  33. Sanchez, Laura
  34. Sexton, Chloe
  35. Signal, Shacara
  36. Stewart, Hannah
  37. Thomas, Crystal
  38. Thompson, Jill
  39. Thompson, Zachary
  40. Walker, Myles;
  41. Walker, MonTaja
  42. Woods, Jennifer;
  43. Williams, Jonathan
  44. Williams, Lakisha

Absent: (13)



  1. Alexander, Mary (Unexcused)
  2. Arriola, Gabriel (Excused)
  3. Berrios, Jasmin (Unexcused)
  4. Bowers, Cole (Unexcused)
  5. Brown, Nick (Excused)
  6. Capps, Sean (Unexcused)
  7. Greene, Jordann (Unexcused)
  8. Morse, Kaitlyn (Excused)
  9. Murray, Bridget (Excused)
  10. Padgett, Chelsea (Unexcused)
  11. Robinson, Lauren (Unexcused)
  12. Salzano, Monica (Unexcused)
  13. Wilson, Makayla (Excused)




Inactive: (5)


  1. Fake, Daniel
  2. Armentrout, Landon
  3. Contreras, Alan
  4. Hall, Brittany
  5. Hale, Lauren





Minutes: Approved


Correspondence: None

Officer’s Reports:


President’s Report (Luis Labrada/ Patrice Malone):

  • Met with Dr. Burke
    • Criminal Justice Banquet
      • Reached out to the other two organizations, no response
      • Would like help with the banquet from members of the fraternity
    • Email from Dr. Owen
      • It is being sponsored by the Communications Department it is a promotional video for the Criminal Justice Program
    • Upcoming Semester

Vice President’s Report (Patrice Malone/Kaitlynn Reeves):

  • Met with committees
    • If you sign up for an event, please let the committee chair know if you have to leave the event
  • Be mindful the semester is coming to a close and there are very few opportunities left to get your hours. Plan accordingly!


Sgt. At Arms’ Report (Kyle Fernandez/ Khalia Bowden):

  • Wednesdays are business casual
  • Fridays wear letters
  • Will be updating the bylaws


Treasurer’s Report (Alex Price):

  • Payment plans
    • They are due at the final chapter
    • Fines are due at the final chapter of the semester (December 11, 2016)
  • Checking: $ 2,837.51
  • 00 (sinkland)
  • 00 (associate member refund)
  • 00 (monthly service fee)
  • 00 (associate member refund)
  • Savings: $ 5,051.40
  • Total: $7,888.91


Secretary’s Report (Hayleigh Bostic/ Makayla Wilson):

  • Revisions to the minutes
  • Mail
    • Did not check the mail last week will check Monday morning


PR’s Report (Cole Bowers/Lyndsey Good):

  • Updated the Minutes from past chapters to RU Involved and once the new Bylaws are updated they will be posted on RU Involved. I will keep this page updated with all of our events happening for the current semester.

Associate Member Educator’s Report (Jennifer Woods/Maggie Ball):

  • Anonymous surveys to help with improvements and ideas in the Associate Member Process for the future semesters.

Assistant Associate Member Educator’s Report (Kaitlynn Reeves/Amanda Mills):

  • Nothing to report



Committee Reports


Fundraising (Bridgett Murray):

  • Debrief from Bake Sale (Friday and Saturday) $130
  • Hours will be updated


Professionalism (Kaitlyn Morse):

  • Nothing to Report


Social (Kyle Alger):

  • Working on spring banquet
  • March 31st – April 2nd – Smith Mountain Lake for banquet

Community Service (Tina Brown):

  • 14th – Nov. 18th (M-F) – Table for Food Drive
    • A ton of can food items were donated
  • Winter Wonderland – Dec. 4th 2-4pm
    • Still have lots of snowmen making things left, if anybody would like to make one
  • Hours will be updated

Alumni (Laura Sanchez)

  • Paddles were sent to alumni. If anyone has any contact information pass it along so the list can be updated

Conference (Mileydis Maldonado):

  • Nothing to report

New Business:

J-Board Nominations

  • Kyle Fernandez
  • Kyle Alger
  • Nico Jones
  • Hillary Jones
  • Erin Morris
  • Luis Labrada

Paddle Presentations

  • Remaining new brother presentations will happen at next chapter


  • Bridget will be resigning as fundraising chair, but will continue to do it until the first week next semester
  • Luis-Secret Santa will happen next chapter
  • Patrice- Potluck will happen next chapter for graduating brothers


Brother of the Week: Tina Brown, Bridget Murray, Cole Bowers, Jules O’Brien, Chris Haynie, Mon’Taja Walker, and Kyle. For stepping up and bending over backwards, to put on extra events and the supply pick up process.


Good of the Order: 5:49pm


Motion to Adjourn: Myles Walker seconded by Luis Labrada


Adjournment: 5:50 pm



Next Meeting: Sunday, December 11th, 2016 in the Bonnie 249-250 at 5:00PM




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